Hunting Trip 7
When a Coon Hunter ask you if you want to go Rabbit
Hunting, You better Go!  Last year a Good Friend, Joey
Bennet ask me if I wanted to go Rabbit Hunting with him
and another Coon Hunter, Ben Coggins. Why, Sure this
time of year December here in N.E.Ga. you just don't get
out, Hooping and Shouting Running through the woods,
after a pack off 8 or 10 Beagle hounds! As early in the
mornings It's Quiet time, The Deer Hunters, are way up
in the top of these pines looking around for a deer!
Well, I'm thinking if it's a trick, Halloween done come
and gone.   So these old boys must be serious. When we
going rabbit hunting, Joey I ask?
How about this coming Friday, the 11th. You still have
some them little Beagle hounds? I said sure do, but you
being a Big Coon Hunter was thinking you was going to
take that Walker hound? He just grin, and said that
Walker Better Not Run No Rabbit !!
So I get my Chauffer, Old "Doc" and we meet up at a
good eating place somewhere in N.E. Ga.  After breakfast
we drive to a place I never been too in my life, and I have
live here in these parts all my life.   Swear this was my
first time ever up in this part of Ga. Mighty fine looking
place.  So we turn the hounds out pretty early. I had
some of my old hounds that were not wearing
E.C......Pretty Boy Floyd, Flirt, & Whistling Dixie. Now
there was three very young hounds..... Dolly, Tony,
Fenny Bob, never been shot around many times.   Then I
had Jeb, Hambone & Blaze.
One of the best looking Swamps I ever seen in my life,
but with all this rain she was full and running over!! I
would say less than 10 minutes  out of the dog box
"Doc" starts to calling the hounds as he just jumped a
Swamper.   He said was bigger than the Beagles!!
I was very disappointed.  My hounds just didn't run
those swampers at all! In fact they did the worst I have
seen them in many day?? I suppose these rabbits were
taking too the water, even though it was 20 degrees.  
They were gone, and not a race for an hour or so. Ben
said lets go to a differant part of the swamp not so much
water, Bingo!!
Next two rabbits both ran well and them Coon hunters
both took a pair of Swampers fully Grown !!
Then they wanted to move to some cotton tails. They had
two rabbit running at a time for the remainder of the
morning and after Ben had took a couple more cotton
tails, and Joey shot at least one cotton tail with his
double 20, we called it a day. I never shot my 410, and
Doc just plain got Skunked!!
So Boys, if some old Coon Hunters ever ask you "Want
Go Rabbit Hunting" take my advise and take them Up.  
You will never regreat it.