Truman's First Rabbit
This has been a very Exciting
week for Daddy Rabbit & Doc!
We have had the opportunity to
gun hunt with some Fathers,
Sons, Grandpaws with some
very young gun dogs.
Yesterday, we were invited to
hunt with John & Truman Ray
from Hart County Ga.
Just take a look at the 9 year
old little man's Smile. It's worth
the time. And thanks a bunch to
my Chauffer Doc for all his
time. Sorry, he couldn't find his
410 shot gun shell that day? He
had to leave them in his truck
back at the Kennels ( Big Wink)!
John Ray shooting 28
Remington 870 pump!
Truman using a Stevens 410
Pack of hounds were all Red
Dogs, 4 Doc's remainder were
my B Team.