2010 Goose Pond Hunt
Every year on January 2nd(the day after deer season ends) Daddy Rabbit and Doc go to a place
called Goose Pond to let the dogs out to hunt the rabbits. I have had the privilege to attend this
hunt two years straight. I might add I had as much luck shooting the bunnies as I had last year
but MAN, did I have fun. I got lots of video of those red hounds pounding the rabbit. As I am
from KY, the colder weather didn't bother me but you should have seen those GA folks
hunkered down. You would have thought they were in the Antarctic. Heck, I thought it felt like
spring. Especially after I came home to wind chills in the single digits. This hunt has become so
popular that two more begged to be included.

We all met up at Daddy Rabbits at 6 am. May I point out that this was 5 am my time., headed
out before it was even daylight to our favorite biscuits and gravy cafe. We got to the field about
8 and put the red hounds on the ground. It wasn't long until we had a race going. Now these
rabbits must have remembered us from last year. The were so scared they practically ran clear
out of the county. We kept trying to head them off but everytime they would slip by and away
they would go again to the county line.

Those lucky enough to be in the right spot  were Doc, Thomas, and Kat. The red hounds ran until
noon when Doc and Kat provided us with a feast of Arby's roast beef sandwiches, apple fritters,
and bananas. MMMMMMM That sure was good after trying to ambush  rabbits all morning.
Might I point out here I was shooting my camera.

After lunch we let the blueticks out. Those rabbits were so sceerd they would not come out of
their holes. We jumped one rabbit and it ran just like those in the morning. Straight away and
had no intention of turning. The next one went to a rock pile. So, we were not having much luck.
Later on in the afternoon we had some pretty good runs. I think Doc got that rabbit. He had to
make up for all that missing he did last year.

It was almost dark when we left the field. Took over an hour to get back to DRs. We were
whooped. Kat took the rabbits back to the motel and cleaned them in the sink at the room.
Wonder if they noticed the rabbit hair the next day when they cleaned the room?

As always, I had a fantastic time. Great friends, great fellowship, lots of laughter, beautiful
hound music.... A fantastic day all around.
Thanks Daddy Rabbit and Doc for including me and Kat in your annual hunt. Loved having
Thomas and Gus there to keep us straight. Already looking forward to next year!!!

I don't get as many pictures of the blueticks as I like to get plenty of the red dogs for DR. I
might add that the red dogs out ran us this year, but look out next year.