Daddy Rabbit Hunting Trip 2
Saturday morning, was a fine morniong to get some young
hounds our for a little conditioning!
Brad Gill, AKA Beagle Boy wanted to get his old gun dogs our
for the first time since the 29th of Feb. as he is a buisy young
man keeping us all advise of the activities taking place all
over, Ga. with his writting ability, as Editor of GON!
Doc, my Chauffer, on many of our Gun Hunts all over, Ga.and
my Prize Possession, Grandson AKA Curtis Lowe all enjoyed
the morning runs, untill the heat us about noon time!
I took some of my young hounds, all females for their first
time out too the Big Pasture, one that really impressed us all
was a little blue tick, my the name of Monica! She is on the tail
gate, has a 4 Cyl. turdo!!