There is a place in northeast Georgia called
Rabbittown, USA that is the home of the
Daddy Rabbit Kennel which  is owned and
operated by ARHA Hall of Fame Aubrey
Holcombe aka Daddy Rabbit. Daddy Rabbit
Kennel is known all over the USA for
producing the hardest hunting, briar busting,
run to catch, Hall of Fame, red beagles.  
Folks come from far and wide to purchase or
just run with the famous beagler and his
The Famous picture
used in the "The
Rabbit Hunter"
magazine article
"The Houndsman"
was of Daddy
Rabbit.  Notice he
still walks like he did
way back then.
For the best red hounds ever to
hit a briar patch contact Daddy
Daddy Rabbit is in the ARHA Hall of Fame
along with three of his hounds.
Daddy Rabbit's Annie Lou
Daddy Rabbit's King
Daddy Rabbit's Squeel
Amongst the rolling hills of northeast Georgia,
Where the briars are so sharp and thick.
Lives a legend in the sport of beagling,
With a pack of red hounds that are so quick!

"Run to Catch" is what those red hounds will do,
Thru the briars and the creeks and the brush.
With the Legend a whooping and hollering
As the rabbit blows by ole Doc and Gus.

But Daddy Rabbit, the legend, the Houndsman
Doesn't worry, or stew, or fret.
Cause the fate of that fast running rabbit
Is no match for the red "Run to Catch"!!!
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