Bev in the field
with Libby and
Bev taking
Judging the Bench.
Bev singing
Redd Man makes
Club Contributions:
Founding member of Central Indiana Beagle
ARHA Breed Inspector, Bench Judge
Club Vice President, and other offices
UKC Licensed Show Judge
UKC Field Judge, Master of Hounds
Field Trial Chairman CIBC SPO Trial
Futurity Committee
Canadian Beagle Fox Trial Offices
Promoting the sport of rabbit hunting
Published The American Beagler magazine 2001-2006.
Publishes North American Beagle Stud Book.
Owns two message boards... TAB and eSPOMagazine
Speaks on radio shows to promote the sport of rabbit hunting.
Covers AKC events providing write-ups for the AKC website.
Now focused on AKC Small Pack Option clubs
Provides free message board with unlimited free advertising for club
trials, news, changes, dog sales and services.
Partners with Purina and AKC for the sponsorship and promotion
of the sport of beagling.