This page is dedicated to Bev Cross who has done more for beagling than anyone I know.  She
is a legend among beaglers.  You ask anyone in beagling who Bev is and they can tell you.  Bev
is admired, respected, and probably one of the most unappreciated in the beagling world.  She
has run hounds and has probably qualified to judge in almost any format. She is a true beagler
who loves watching the hounds run whether it be fox, hare, cottontail, or coyote.  Bev developed
one of the most popular beagle magazines "The American Beagler".  She was the owner and
editor for several years.  Bev also started "The North American Beagle" which is a beagle
breeder's handbook and is also the owner of Freedom Run Kennel.  She owns and moderates
the most popular beagle board on the internet.(TAB) Bev may never make it to the Hall Of
Fame but what she has done just as much for beagling as many of  the Hall of Fame beaglers.  
Bev you are a CHAMPION in your own right and nothing or nobody can ever take that away
from you.  Thank you for all that you have done.  I am honored to call you my friend.
These are Bev's dogs awards earned from age 13 months to Dec 08. The 3 ribbons are 1st, 2nd
& 3rd at a LPH Derby trial in N Y. Others are from 2008 Canadian Beagle on Fox Trials and
the 2008 Internation Beagle on Fox Trial.
Sponsor of Beagling
MAB Sponsor
Fox Trial  Sponsor
Furturity  Sponsor
AKC SPO Magazine
Cinncinatti Outdoor Show
Major trials Bev has
AKC Large Pack Nationals
AKC SPO Nationals
NBC Triple Challenge
Mid-America Brace
Penn. Beagle Gundog Assoc.
Int'l Beagle Hare Futurity
UKC World Hunt
UKC Nationals
Canadian LP Nationals
Canadian Beagle Fox Trial Assoc
National Beagle on Fox Trial Assoc
Int'l Beagle Fox Championship
There is not way to figure out the amount of
money Bev has donated to the sport of
beagling considering all the free ads in
TAB, hats, free subscriptions, trophies, etc